There are several different ways to deal with tooth loss, depending on the amount. In some instances, the way to deal with a compromised tooth is by restoring it with a crown. This restorative option allows your dentist to repair the aesthetic, form, and function of your tooth.

There are a few steps that your dentist at Severn River Dental Health Center will take when it comes to providing you with a dental crown. First, impressions are taken to fabricate a temporary crown. Your dentist will then re-shape your tooth slightly so that the new crown will fit to it properly. A final impression will be taken and sent to a certified dental laboratory so that your crown can be digitally made. Your dentist will record the shade of your tooth so that the crown’s shade and aesthetic matches the natural color. This allows the crown to better blend in with your tooth. When it’s time to place the permanent crown on your tooth, the temporary crown will be removed and the long-term crown will be cemented or bonded to the tooth.

Now that we’ve covered crowns, it’s now time to cover bridges. Bridges are made in the same way that crowns are. The difference is that bridges substitute for missing teeth and fill the space that they leave. First, crowns will be bonded to teeth, acting as anchors for the bridge. Called abutments, these anchors will help keep the bridge (missing tooth) in place.

Both bridges and crowns are both highly effective ways to restore the function of your teeth, while also preventing further tooth decay.

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