Maybe you’re having an annual check-up, or maybe you’re having a teeth cleaning. No matter the reason for your dental visit, as a patient you should communicate your needs to your dentist. In all, there are several types of exams that you may encounter when visiting us.

The first type of exam is the new patient exam, or the Comprehensive Exam. During this visit, you should expect a thorough examination of your teeth.  At Severn River Dental Health Center, we perform the The Total Oral Heath Exam. This evaluation includes: Comprehensive Dental Exam and X-rays, IntraOral Photographs, Gum Screening, TMJ evaluation, Bite Check, Oral Cancer Screening, Evaluation of Muscles of Chewing and Associated Muscles of the Head and Neck and Airway Evaluation. This helps us with assessing your overall oral health. However, the most important aspect of this interaction is to learn what your oral concerns or personal goals may be. This will allow us to develop a personalized treatment plan that not only fulfills your health needs but meets your expectations.

The most common type of appointment is called a recall exam. This exam usually occurs every six months, and assesses the health of your teeth after you’ve become an official patient. During this visit, your dentist will check to see if there have been any major changes to your dental health since the last time you visited.

Sometimes the unexpected happens; and that’s when you'll want to get an emergency examination. For example, if you happen to chip a tooth or experience pain, you may visit your dentist for an emergency exam. During this appointment, the dentist will assess the problem you have, and may use radiographs to help diagnose the issue. The dentist may treat the problem then and there, or refer you to a specialist.

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