What is restorative dentistry? This is when your dentist helps repair damaged or decayed teeth with fillings. In other words, they help restore your teeth with composite filling material. Since decay remains the leading cause of tooth loss, it’s important to regularly check with your dentist to see if you require restorative dentistry.

When you have an appointment at Severn River Dental Health Center for a filling, your dentist will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Part of this may be giving you local anesthetic to help with any pain you may feel during the procedure. Once the anesthetic has set, your dentist will use rotary instruments to remove the decay present in your tooth or teeth.

Once the decay is removed, your dentist will place an acid-etchant on the area that is being worked on. This material is a way to make sure that your new filling will bond to the tooth. After that, your dentist will place a layer of adhesive on the area and use a light to help it cure. This will help the filling stick to the area firmly. Finally, your dentist will add small amounts of composite to the area, smooth it, and then cure it. The process is complete once the cavity is filled and contoured completely.

In the end, you’ll be left with a tooth that no longer has decay, and can still function as it’s meant to do.

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