If you have an issue with missing teeth, you may feel a bit insecure but you shouldn’t feel as if all hope is gone for your beautiful smile. Severna Park dental implants dentist Dr. Amanda McPherson often sees patients who have concerns about missing teeth and offers dental implantation surgery as the ultimate solution. It is a procedure that rebuilds a patient's tooth from root to tip. In time patients forget that they even have an implant instead of an actual tooth -- that might even happen the next day after leaving the dentist’s chair. 

Dental Implants History

Dental implants were probably known by different names in the past, but the concept was similar. The idea is to place a new tooth-like replacement into the jaw so that it operates, looks and feels like a naturally rooted tooth. 

The first “dental implants” can be traced as far back as the ancient Mayans and Egyptians, who used seashells, specially carved stones and other viable items to create replacements. Later on in history, dental scientists often published books on the subject of dental implantation using more modern appliances and restorations. In 1949 respected Drs. Goldberg and Gershkoff published information about subperiosteal implants. In 1952, a Swedish professor named Per-Ingvar Branemark made the landmark discovery that led to the modern dental implants that are in use today. 

Dental implants may not have originated in Severna Park, but the most recent developments in this dental technology have definitely arrived here. Now Severna Park dental implants are made of metal and ceramic materials. The restorations (the actual teeth that appear above the gums) are made of a high quality porcelain material that's smooth, polished and eggshell white. It is now totally possible to have an entire mouth of permanent replacement teeth that are all yours thanks to dental implantation surgery. Patients no longer have to deal with dentures and bridgework that may slip or come loose at the most inopportune times.

If you’re interested in a long-lasting solution to a gapped smile or an entire row of missing teeth, contact Dr. Amanda McPherson of Severn River Dental Health Center. She is a qualified Severna Park dental implants dentist who can help give you the perfect smile you’ve been craving for years. Call or visit to schedule a visit with the doctor today.