Suffering from tooth loss? Find out how your Severna Park dentist can help you get your smile back quickly and conveniently.

What are dentures?

Dentures are oral appliances that contain an artificial tooth or teeth that are attached to a gum-like base and attach to your mouth with metal clasps. There are two primary types of dentures - partial and full. Partial dentures help to replace several missing teeth while full dentures are used for those who have complete tooth loss.

What can dentures do to help my smile?

When you are suffering from tooth loss it can be challenging to enjoy social interactions or even your favorite meals. You may even find that your self-esteem has taken a severe hit as a result. This is where dentures can truly help. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you get dentures from your Severna Park dentist:

  • Dentures will give you a complete smile back. Say goodbye to discolored, broken, weakened and damaged teeth and enjoy a whiter, healthier-looking smile.
  • Many people dealing with tooth loss or teeth that need to be removed often suffer from painful teeth and gums. However, once those teeth are removed and dentures take their place, patients no longer have to deal with the pain and discomfort of an unhealthy smile.
  • Dentures are friendly on your budget. While there are certainly other tooth replacement options available from your Severna Park dentist, it’s important to pick the treatment that will not only give you the smile you want but will be financially practical. Dentures have allowed many of our patients to gain their smiles back without exorbitant charges or a severe hit to their bank account.
  • Dentures are also easy to care for and maintain. Just brush and clean them like you would your natural teeth and be sure to keep them in a solution when you’re not wearing them. Caring for your smile has never been this simple.
  • Dentures give you back the confidence to enjoy social gatherings and events. If you found yourself hiding your smile or canceling plans because of them, then dentures can change your life! Enjoy biting into your favorite foods again, and have a night on the town without worrying about your smile.

Ready to get your smile back? Dentures can help! If you want to find out whether dentures are right for you then it’s time to schedule a consultation with your Severna Park dentist at Severn River Dental Associates. Take charge of your oral health and restore your smile!